Payroll is the largest area of cost and waste for most businesses. Don’t let the latter be true for you, too! Make sure your company is running efficiently by partnering with Paymaster Payroll Services.

With a variety of products to make clocking in and tracking hours easy, you will save money with fewer errors in calculating time and the cost of payroll prep.

In addition to money, you will save yourself the time and stress!

Finally with our wide range of reports you will be able to track your payroll dollars more expertly.


Have you been doing your own time keeping? Do you find it a pain to keep track of all your employees hours? Isn’t it hard enough to keep the rest of a business organized?

Let us handle your timekeeping and you can watch your bottom line grow! Superb time keeping can lead to more efficiency, lower costs, and a lot less headache!

With over 30 years in time keeping for other companies, you know we have the organization and experience to help your business benefit from time keeping.



Pay your premium automatically through our pay-as-you go service powered by AP IntegoInsurance Group, LLC.

Your payments will be based on actual payroll for each pay period and debited it directly from your bank account.

Simple and clean.

Advantages of Pay-As-You-Go

  Pay-As-You-Go The Old Method
ACCURACY Your premium is based on actual payroll. The year-end audit will be the final tally of what you owe. Are you ready to pay more?
CASH FLOW Improve yours with a $0 down-payment Large down-payment is required with payments based on estimated cash flow.
SAVE TIME Automated premium withdrawal, reduced chance of audit risk. Writing checks and working hours with the insurance company on the audit at year end.

Employee Background Checks

Through our partnership with National Crime Search (NCS), we now provide our customers access to a simple and affordable background screening solution.